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Piehoe can

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order Piehoe can online. Coming from Cannarado, Pie Hoe crosses Grape Pie and Tahoe OG. Pie Hoe was developed in Colorado and then sent to the Jungle Boyz in L.A., who selected the best pheno to give it traction to become a new favorite. An incredibly dank OG with a bit of grape. flavor, Pie Hoe is a gassy, fruity, and pungent strain that will make your mouth water. Its high is not for the faint of heart, as it will swallow you up into a state of bliss for hours before slowly fading away. sunset kittlez can.

Type: Indica
Genetics: Grape Pie x Tahoe OG
Flavor: grape, gassy
Effects: relaxation, sleepiness, euphoria

Although its name might sound a little risqué, Pie Hoe actually comes from the melding of the classic Grape Pie and Tahoe OG strains, hence Pie Hoe! This is one of the finest and most potent Indicas on the market, drifting you off into a euphoric, relaxing state with a smooth come down. Fans will love Pie Hoe’s sweet grape taste, blended with the gassy OG flavor of its lineage. Put this in your pie hole and smoke it. order Piehoe can online.

To be fair: Even if one scientific study suggests that marijuana might help your bones grow or hurt your short-term memory, that doesn’t necessarily make it true. All this research is still developing, and it’ll be a long time before we know anything for sure about weed’s effects on the human body. Still, it’s good to know where the science is heading.

  1. Peddler

    I personally did not believe I will get my order, but guess what? I did.

  2. dreast pet

    Great meds you guys got there. I live in Italy and I was dam scared it ain’t gone come. lol. But sure it did, thumbs up fellows.

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